Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Humble Beginnings", Original Mixed Media Painting by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin

"Humble Beginnings"

This piece was created because of my Brother.  He's followed me along on this "journey".  He told me that I should paint "BIG".  This painting is a result of that effort!  It seemed like it took me forever.  I stressed over it, then enjoyed it, then questioned everything about it.  This is the end result. 

I thought about this painting as a "beginning" of sorts.  By that I thought about symbolizing a young couple starting their own family.  In another new beginning of sorts, It could  symbolize a new beginning as an "empty nester".  Both of those scenarios are big, huge, sometimes scary, unknown adventures.  Both are humbling, full of learning and experiencing a new season in life.  For a new family, it's full of anticipation and expectation.  For a family with children leaving home, it could be grieving and figuring out how to parent in a different way.  It's hard to watch your babies leave the nest and make a new life on their own.  The couple expecting a new baby has to learn how to remain a couple when times are hard and their focus is no longer solely on each other.  The couple letting go of grown children have to relearn how to be a couple, yet still find their own individual paths.  Needless to say, it's complicated.

Close up of Leaves and Texture Detail

Close up of Nest

The nest is made from Pine Needles and a stencil.  It was not easy gluing all of these tiny little needles on to the canvas, but I sure do like how it turned out. 

Detail of the Aspen Trees

Even though life is complicated and there are different seasons, we can always look forward to new beginnings.  I've learned that even when things come to an end, it signifies the beginning of something else.  We just have to be open to whatever is next. Life is always an adventure, so let's learn to enjoy the journey and see where it takes us!

This painting was created with painted papers, stencils, pine needles, vintage sheet music, and of course, layers and layers of paint!  It measures 36X36 and is on gallery wrapped canvas.  It is finished with a resin coating, which makes the colors "pop" and eliminates the need for framing.  This piece comes ready to hang.

For comments, questions, or if you are interested in purchasing, please email me at:!/donnamartinfineart